DMC Cardiovascular & Multispeciality Hospital

DMC Cardiovascular & Multispeciality Building

Detroit, MI

Centric Design Studio partnered with Designer + Architect of Record – Harley Ellis Devereaux  and experienced team members of Metco, BEI and DPRA. The team was awarded the CVI & HUH Multispecialty Building & Parking Structure. New Construction of this   project is to take place at the DMC Central Campus in Detroit, MI.

The Cardiovascular Institute & Multispe- cialty Building will house interventional & non-invasive cardiology, ambulatory surgery & two floors of medical office functions.

Approx. SF: 162,000

Cost: $110 Million (estimated)


  • Design Development
  • Construction Documents
  • Building Information Modeling (BIM) with the purchase of the Detroit Medical Center (DMC) by Vanguard Health Systems, major renovations and new construction started in 2011.